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Warranty Policy


HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT sells only new, factory packaged merchandise and equipment from top manufacturers who include warranty on their products. Information on manufacturer warranty coverage, terms, and conditions can be found in your product documentation and on the manufacturer's website. While the specifics differ from company to company, all HVAC equipment warranties must be registered with the product manufacturer after the installation of the unit (s). This step will be done by your HVAC contractor since the terms of warranty coverage for this type of equipment requires installation by a licensed professional. Failure to comply with this requirement will render the entire warranty void. HVAC equipment manufacturers do not provided waranty assistance or technical support directly to home owners. They will only provide support to dealers such as HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT and licensed HVAC contractors. HVAC equipment is warrantied by the product manufacturer, not HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT so it is important to make sure your warranty is registered.

Warranty Claim

If your equipment is found to be defective during the warranty period it is important to contact a licensed HVAC contractor to troubleshoot and diagnose the system. If the defect is found to be the result of installation by unqualified persons, the warranty is rendered void. All expenses related to repair and / or replacement of defective part (s) (including parts and labor) are the sole responsibility of the customer. If the product installation has been done in accordance with manufacturer warranty requirements, HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT will cover replacement of defective part (s) for the life of the warranty. If a product is found to be defective within 30 days from date of delivery, HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT will cover the shipping fees to replace the defective part. After 30 days from date of delivery, shipping costs related to replacement parts, is the sole responisibility of the customer. If the customer wishes us to handle warranty part replacements, they must first have a licensed HVAC technician troubleshoot the system and diagnose the problem. Once a professional has identified the problem as being a defective part, the customer will need to contact us either by calling our customer service or e-mailing us at warranty@hvacwarehousedirect.com. The following information must be provided to initiate the claim:

  • Name of the purchaser
  • Address where the equipment is installed
  • A phone number where the customer can be reached
  • Valid e-mail address where customer can be contacted
  • Order number
  • Serial and model numbers of defective part (s)
  • Name, address and phone number of your licensed HVAC contractor
  • Signed assessment / invoice from service technician
  • The description of the problem provided your HVAC contractor

Once we receive this information, we will contact your contractor and investigate your claim. Once it is established that terms of warranty have been met, a new replacement part will be shipped to you. A valid credit card must be supplied before the part (s) can be shipped. The defective part (s) must be returned to HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT within 30 days. If we do not receive the defective part within the 30 day period, the replacement part will then be considered a purchase and your credit card will be charged for the part (s) sent to you.

Expedite Replacement

You do not have to wait for us to initiate, investigate and process your claim. Most HVAC contractors are authorized by our manufacturers to provide warranty work. By having your contractor handle the replacement, your system can be repaired much faster. Once the problem has been identified, your contractor can fill out a warranty form, remove the defective part and make the exchange through a local supplier. Repairs can usually be accomplished the same day or next day.

What is Not Covered

Manufacturer warranties do not cover labor. In all cases it is the purchaser's responsibility to pay for installation, diagnostic and service labor charges. These charges are always non-refundable. HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT'S involvement with manufacturer warranty is limited to parts only. HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT will not replace entire systems or system components. In no instance is refrigerant gas covered by warranty. Whether the refrigerant has leaked out due to part defect, was missing at time of delivery, the system requires topping off, or in the case of a replacement part, neither the manufacturer or HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT will cover the cost of the refrigerant. Refrigerant cannot be shipped. All costs involved in replacing missing refrigerant are sole responsibility of the customer. HVAC WAREHOUSE DIRECT does not provide troubleshooting or diagnostic services. These services must be acquired through your local HVAC contractor.

Updated April 29, 2014