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Genesis Air 2008 DT-FP Ducted-in Air Purifying System

Model #: 2008 DT-FP

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Quick Overview

  • Stand alone - ducted-in unit
  • Suitable for spaces up to 8300 ft³
  • Uses MERV 13 filtration, UVGI and GAP™ Technologies
  • Green Sustanable Technology


  • 1- Catalyst/Blower assembly
  • 1- Drop Tile 4" Filter Grill
  • 1- 20" x 20" 4" Merv 13 Filter

Genesis Air DT_FP

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Genesis Air 2008 DT-FP Air Purifying System

Cleans, Deodorizes and Disinfects the air


Genesis Air™ Systems combine MERV 13 filtration with a revolutionary two-stage (3-step) process to clean and purify the air better than any other process available. It also protects HVAC equipment from particle contamination. Compared to other major air cleaning technologies such as air filters, HEPA filters, UV lights, ozone emitters and charcoal media, Genesis can accomplish more for less. Using UVGI and GAP technologies, Genesis systems creates a “cloud” that purifies the air as it passes through it. The Genesis Air 2008DT-FP is a stand-alone unit used to reduce the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and viable airborne biological contaminants. The unit is utilized as a ducted-in application for permanent installations. This unit will clean and recirculate the air in a room without disrupting the HVAC system. The 2008DT-FP uses one 1620 PCP panel in conjunction with up to two DT filter grilles and supplies grills. It is suitable for spaces up to 8300 ft³.

Step One:MERV 13 Filtration
Reduces even particles you can't see. New high-efficiency, high capacity, low resistance particle filter reduces most pollen, mold, mildew, regweed, house dust, bacteria, pet dander and many other submicroscopic poisons, allergens and irritants.

Step Two:UVGI Lamps
GAP™ uses ultraviolet light to activate the photocatalyst, which reduces and deactivates air borne bacteria viruses, mold spores and fungi

Step Three:Photocatalysis
Using Titanium Dioxide energized by UV light Genesis Air, GAP™ produces hydroxyl radicals which are natural cleansing agents found in the troposphere. Hydroxyl radicals reduce and oxidize biologics in the air stream such as mold, bacteriam and thus rendering them nonviable. GAP™ safely and effectively neutralizes biologics and reduces concentrations of VOCs


  • Approved by the California Air Resources Board and the EPA
  • Non-ozone producing lamps
  • Reduces smoke and odors
  • Reduces Airborne Biologics (mold spores, bacteria, VOCs)
  • Reduces carbon monoxide
  • Continuous protection
Power Supply - Voltage, Cycle 115 V, 60 Hz
Amps 4.7
Filters 1 MERV 13 filter (20"x20"x4")
Return 24"x23.5"x13"
Lamps (3) 20"30 Watt UVGI Lamps
Air Flow 830 cfm
Coverage Area 8300 ft³
Blower Assembly Weight 45 lbs
Blower Assembly Width 41"
Blower Assembly Height 18"
Blower Assembly Depth 24"